LA-SiGMA provides an education plan that includes new materials science graduate courses delivered across the State. A core set of interinstitutional graduate level courses (three in the first year, six more in subsequent years) in computational science, multiscale modeling methods, advanced experimental techniques, and other topics are being developed and broadcast throughout the State using synchronous HD video as well as asynchronous methods. These courses will be integrated into existing and new graduate curricula on each campus, providing graduate students a transformative educational experience in materials science, who who will enter the workforce as highlyskilled, well-trained computational materials scientists.

If your LA-SiGMA institution is interested in offering these courses to your students, please contact Juana Moreno at moreno -AT-

For Spring 2015, the following courses will be offered

Course descriptions are found below.

If you are a LSU student interested in these courses, please register early to ensure the course meets the required minimum student enrollment. Students at other universities, please contact Juana Moreno at moreno -AT- as soon as possible to arrange for the course to be offered at your university. Postdocs can attend without registering but we ask you to notify us. Classes begin January 14th and end May 2nd.