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REU Brochure, REU Ad, REU Flyer

2015 Project Posters and Presentations
Mr. Joshua Adkins Poster
Ms. Linden Allison Poster, Presentation
Ms. Cristina Azuara Poster
Mr. Manish Bhatt Poster
Mr. Nirvan Bhattacharyya Poster
Ms. Daneisha Blair Poster, Presentation
Mr. Jeremiah Boswell Poster, Presentation
Mr. Brandon Buchanan Poster
Ms. Marika Buchholz Poster, Presentation
Mr. Ryan Bujol Poster
Ms. Susan Campbell Poster
Mr. Austen Casey Poster, Presentation
Ms. Jasmine Chappell Poster, Presentation
Ms. Susannah Cox Poster
Mr. Matt Curtis Poster, Presentation
Ms. Susannah Davis Poster
Ms. Rebecca DiTusa Poster, Presentation
Ms. Alaina Fox Poster
Mr. Jordan Frick Poster, Presentation
Ms. Taylor Gravolet Poster, Presentation
Ms. Kathryn Hardin Poster, Presentation
Mr. Steven Hartman Poster, Presentation
Ms. Jessica Hebert Poster, Presentation
Mr. David Huss Poster
Mr. Holden Hyer Poster, Presentation
Mr. Phil Kagebein Poster
Ms. Hyeyon Kim Poster, Presentation
Mr. Jerry Martinez Poster, Presentation
Mr. Hunter McDaniel Poster
Mr. Christopher Miller Poster, Presentation
Mr. Khang Pham Poster, Presentation
Ms. Margarite Picone Poster, Presentation
Mr. Edward Point Poster
Mr. Austin Polanco Poster
Mr. Daniel Polin Poster
Mr. Christopher Schayer Poster
Mr. Robert Stewart Poster
Mr. Joshua Ziegler Poster, Presentation

2014 Project Posters, Presentations, and Final Papers
Ms. Anne Rebecca Presentation
Ms. Alyssa Chuang Poster
Mr. Andy Voung and Mr. Steve Wagstaff Poster
Mr. Brandon Buchanan Poster
Ms. Camera Whicker Poster
Mr. Carl Mitchell and Ms. Anastasia LaBeaud Poster
Mr. Christopher Bell Poster, Presentation
Mr. Cole Umemura and Ms. Mariela Vazquez Poster
Mr. Daniel Lauriola Poster, Presentation
Mr. Dustin Sauriol Poster, Presentation
Mr. Frank Marshall Poster, Presentation
Mr. Hakm Murad Poster
Mr. Hunter Starring Poster
Mr. Inderbir Sondh Poster, Presentation
Ms. Jackie Model Presentation
Mr. Jermain Franklin Poster, Paper
Mr. Johnny Om Poster, Paper
Mr. Josef Baylis Poster, Presentation
Ms. Justine Ker Poster, Presentation
Mr. Justin Huckaby Poster
Ms. Kate Moyer Poster, Presentation
Ms. Katie Gamble Poster, Presentation
Ms. Katie Weiss Poster
Ms. Kira Kelley Poster
Ms. Lauren Lorio Poster, Presentation
Ms. Lauren Luce Poster
Ms. Lindsay Davis Poster, Presentation
Ms. Manvitha Marni Poster
Ms. Natasha Navejar Poster, Presentation
Ms. Tyranisha Gibson Poster
Ms. Victoria Calteaux Poster
Mr. Walter Lynn Poster
Mr. William Raziano Poster, Paper

2013 Project Posters, Presentations, and Final Papers
Mr. Abdulla Altikriti Poster, Presentation
Ms. Alice Mao Poster
Mr. Benjamin Beach Poster, Paper, Presentation
Mr. Brian Sayre and Ms. Lisa Kam Poster, Presentation
Ms. Catherine Tucker Poster
Ms. Cheryl Salmonson and Ms. Holly Payton (RET) Poster, Paper, Presentation (Salmonson)
Ms. Christa Cook Poster
Mr. Daniel Livingston Poster
Mr. Daniel Sun Poster
Ms. Dyamond Williams and Ms. Theresa Do (RET) Poster, Presentation (Williams)
Mr. Evan Plunkett Poster, Presentation
Mr. Greg Salazar and Ms. Brennan Ferguson Poster, Presentation
Mr. Isaac Saliev Poster, Paper, Presentation
Mr. James Schwabacher Poster
Ms. Jasmine Jones Poster, Paper
Mr. Jermain Franklin Poster, Paper, Presentation
Mr. John Bell and Mr. Rod Abcede (RET) Poster, Paper1, Paper2, Presentation (Bell)
Ms. Lauren Luce Poster
Ms. Lauren Norris Poster
Mr. Logan Pyle Poster, Paper, Presentation
Mr. Mark DiTusa Poster, Presentation
Mr. Mitchell Brickson Poster, Paper, Presentation
Mr. Phillip Dang Poster
Mr. Sidney Ugwu Poster
Ms. Tosin Oyeleke and Ms. Aleta Overby (RET) Poster, Paper, Presentation (Oyeleke)
Mr. Trenton Ford Poster, Presentation
Ms. Victoria Bishop and Mr. Dexter Taylor Poster, Paper
Mr. Zakee Ahmand Poster, Presentation

2012 Project Posters, Presentations, and Final Papers
Mr. Juan Arredondo Poster
Ms. Victoria Bamburg Poster, Presentation, Paper
Ms. Regina Blackman Poster, Presentation, Paper
Mr. Ronald Brown Poster, Presentation, Paper
Mr. Aditya Das Poster, Presentation, Paper
Mr. William Deng Poster
Mr. Thaddeus Howard Poster
Mr. David Howe Presentation, Paper
Mr. Nathan Keilbart Poster, Presentation
Mr. Chris Kieren Poster, Presentation
Mr. Matthew Kornfield Poster, Presentation, Paper
Ms. Allyssa Massie Poster, Presentation, Paper
Mr. Joseph McPherson Poster
Mr. Donald Pleshinger Poster, Presentation
Ms. Alys Reed Poster, Presentation
Ms. Madeline Reed Poster, Presentation
Ms. Andrea Rice Poster
Ms. Ellie Rodebeck Poster
Ms. Julia Russ Poster
Mr. Cole Vanderlick Poster, Presentation, Paper
Mr. Adam Wang Poster
Mr. Sheldon Williams
Mr. Kevin Willis Poster, Presentation
Mr. Pierce Wisdom Poster, Paper

2011 Project Presentations and Final Papers
Ms. Tiara Adejare Paper
Ms. Zephra Bell Paper, Presentation
Mr. John Bordelon Presentation
Mr. Noah Davis Presentation
Mr. Igor Kolesnichenko Presentation
Mr. Shane Lindemann Presentation
Ms. Hannah Manuel Presentation
Ms. Paige Northern Paper, Presentation
Mr. Jeff Parrozzo Presentation
Ms. Shamarri Riddle Paper
Mr. David Scott Paper, Presentation
Mr. Joshua Slocum Presentation
Mr. Cade Thomasson Presentation
Mr. Matthew Wespetal Paper, Presentation
Mr. Bradley Wood Presentation
Ms. G'Nita Wright Paper, Presentation

2011 Poster Presentations
Ms. Tiara Adejare Poster
Ms. Zephra Bell Poster
Mr. John Coody and Mr. Michael Soforenko Poster
Mr. Noah Davis Poster
Mr. Jacob Faucheaux Poster
Mr. Tshering Gurung Poster
Ms. Mila'na Jones Poster
Mr. Kameron Kilchrist Poster
Mr. Kristofer Knittle Poster
Mr. Igor Kolesnichenko Poster
Mr. Shane Lindemann Poster
Ms. Hannah Manuel Poster
Mr. Raphael Mariano Poster
Ms. Paige Northern Poster
Ms. Christina Oerter Poster
Mr. Jeff Parrozzo Poster
Ms. Shamarri Riddle Poster
Mr. Joshua Riggs Poster
Mr. David Scott Poster
Mr. Joshua Slocum Poster
Mr. Cade Thomasson Poster
Mr. Matthew Wespetal Poster
Mr. Christian White Poster
Ms. Xylona Williams Poster
Ms. G'Nita Wright Poster