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Documents & Media

2014 RET Presentations and Posters
Aleta Overby Presentation
Anna Drago Presentation
Brad Burkman Poster, Presentation
Brian Carter Poster
Bruce Niemi Presentation
Chris Hynes Poster, Presentation
Dan Rogers Presentation
Debra Borskey Poster, Presentation
Joseph Seneca Poster
Mary Beth McCoy Presentation
Shawn Liner Poster, Presentation
Theresa Do Presentation
Tricia Cacioppo Poster

2013 RET Papers, Presentations, and Posters
Holly Payton and Cheryl Salmonson (REU) Poster, Paper
Theresa Do and Dyamond Williams (REU) Poster
Rod Abcede and John Bell (REU) Poster, Paper1, Paper2
Aleta Overby and Tosin Oyeleke (REU) Poster
Chris Hynes and Shawn Liner Paper
John Underwood Paper
Leif Sherry Paper

2012 RET Presentations and Posters
David Andersen Deep Zooms into the Mandelbrot Set using NVIDIA CUDA Programming (Prezi) Poster
Brad Burkman Presentation Poster
Chris Campbell Presentation
Jeanine Edgecombe Presentation
Karim Elkholy Presentation
Tom Henson Presentation
Karen Higuera Presentation
Rayla Hunt Presentation
Chris Hynes Presentation
Jim Kircus Presentation
Mary Beth McCoy Presentation
Jonah Njenga Presentation
Greg Sollie Presentation