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LA-SiGMA-Developed Packages


LA-SiGMA has prepared several software packages for release. The packages are for researchers in the respective fields, and should be usable by those with a small amount of Unix command-line experience. Most of these packages are tuned for at least one type of accelerator, and these will be updated to handle newer accelerators in the future. Accelerators supported so far are NVidia Fermi CC 2.0 GPUs and NVidia Kepler CC 3.5 GPUs.

The packages include source code, documentation, and sample inputs. They are released on a modified ALPS license, which permits free use, but requires that a package be cited in publications that are based on results obtained with the package.

Available Packages

A listing of the packages appears under the “Release Packages” item on the menu to the right. Clicking on an item will bring you to a page describing the package and containing a download link.