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About the REU Program

The participants experience activities that characterize research careers such as: presenting their research, participating in scholarly forums, and working on the soft- and hard-skills needed to work in a inter-disciplinary research team. Our faculty mentors work with the students in individual and group meetings, and they provide activities that help the students appreciate the nature of multidisciplinary research and the value of working as a team. Training in cyberinfrastructure tools are a strong component of the REU program.

REU Summer2010

Participants are welcome into current research groups by the faculty leader and the research staff, post docs, graduate and undergraduate students currently participating in the research. We believe this is an excellent setting for students new to research because they have a variety of people at differing experience levels to mentor them. For the summer work, each person in the group is a mentor for the participants; the group leaders are ultimately responsible for the success of the participants in their group.



In the beginning of the summer, the participants are directed by their mentor and can expect help from the group in accomplishing their goals. By the middle of the summer, the participants will have learned to accomplish tasks on their own. By the end of the summer, we expect the participants to have learned how to take the lead in determining what needs to be done and be capable of doing it.

REU Summer2010
REU Summer2010

After the Summer Program

Students are encouraged to continue their research as independent research courses in their home departments with a faculty member there. The LA-SiGMA REU faculty mentor will be available throughout the next year as an advisor to the participant. The students are also encouraged to present the final results of their research in their home institution during the following fall semester. We hope these presentations will encourage other undergraduates to participate in an REU and research programs in general.

Students are also asked to provide both school contact information and permanent residence, to facilitate post-program tracking.

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