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Application Procedure

Thank you for your interest in our RET program. However, funding for the LA-SiGMA grant ends in January 2016, and therefore, we will not have a 2016 RET program.

We encourage you to apply to the RET program of the new NSF grant, and LA-SiGMA successor, Consortium for Innovation in Manufacturing and Materials (CIMM).

If you:

you can apply for a place in our RET!

To apply you MUST complete the following steps:

The 500 word statement, the recommendation letter, and the state teacher certication copy, (and transcript if applicable) MUST be sent to:

Lindsay Gouedy
LA-SiGMA Outreach Coordinator
Either by e-mail:
lgouedy -at-, e-mail subject: RET Applications,
or mail:
LA-SiGMA - LA Tech University
P.O. Box 10198 T.S.
Reese Hall 125
Ruston, LA 71272,
or fax:
Fax: 318-257-2562, Attn. Lindsay Gouedy

To be considered as an applicant, you need to submit all the required documents by application deadline of March 8, 2015.

For questions or concerns regarding these requirements, please don't hesitate to contact Lindsay Gouedy at lgouedy -at-


Teachers who meet the above requirements and complete the entire application process will be considered for selection. Selection for the RET will be made by faculty and research staff of LA-SiGMA.


Successful applications will receive a competitive stipend. The total budget for the RET program is $7,000 per teacher which includes up to $1,000 in travel, the RET stipend, materials and supplies, housing (if needed), meals, and materials and supplies for your classrooms. The specifics of the breakdown of the total amount among these categories may be determined in consultation with the teachers. Stipends will be for the full-time six-week period, split into two or more checks depending on the host campus.