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LA-SiGMA Graduate Fellowships

Graduate Fellowships are available in materials science at Louisiana State University, Louisiana Tech University, Southern University at Baton Rouge, Tulane University, and University of New Orleans.

The fellows will participate in a joint computational/theory/experimental program to study complex phenomena in correlated electronic and magnetic materials, biomaterials, and materials essential for the next generation of energy. LA-SiGMA fellowships are available in Chemistry, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, and several other departments.

Students involved in this project will have access to the best research equipment and work with one of the leading groups in this rapidly emerging field. Computational students will have access to the world's fastest supercomputers and the most modern computational formalism, algorithms and codes.

Students accepted to the LA-SiGMA program are offered a competitive stipend for the entire duration of their graduate education and are also eligible for graduate scholarships, which supplement their stipend.

LA-SiGMA also supplements research assistantships at Alliance institutions to entering women and underrepresented minority students on a competitive basis, this supplement increases once the students complete their PhD qualifying exams. To apply for a supplement please use this form.

We encourage you to browse the LA-SiGMA website, where you can find detailed descriptions of ongoing research projects and contact information of the participating faculty.

If you are interested in this fellowship, please apply directly to the Graduate School at each university:

Once you apply to any of these Graduate Schools, please fill out the following form to help us track your application(s) status.

Please contact Staci Kramer at sckramer -AT- for more details about the LA-SiGMA Graduate Fellowships.