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LA-SiGMA RET Participants Present at LATM/LSTA Joint Conference

LA-SiGMA RET teachers from Simsboro High School, West Ouachita High School, Ouachita Junior High School, and Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts shared their own materials research results with teachers at the Louisiana Association of Teachers of Mathematics and Louisiana Science Teachers Association Joint Conference in Shreveport on November 14, 2012.

Research topics included effective materials for automobile exhaust sensors, computer software that can help researchers visualize math concepts, and DNA modeling software appropriate for middle/high school students. The teachers also shared best practices for translating science research into today's classroom.


Mary Beth McCoy, a presenter and RET teacher from Ouachita Junior High School, says the conference "was an excellent professional development opportunity...The content knowledge I gained, the new ways to effectively prepare my students for their standardized tests, the most current information on the Core Curriculum, and the new contacts I made will allow me to be a better teacher and a better mentor to other teachers....It is definitely a win-win opportunity for all involved!"

Alicia Boudreaux, LA-SiGMA Outreach Coordinator for North Louisiana, says, "The RET teachers are great examples of the values leading education today. Using math and science in practical situations, persevering through challenging problems: it's what they are teaching their students, and it's what they themselves are doing in their research. We are just here to guide!"

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