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NSF Highlights

LA-SiGMA NSF Highlights 2011
Optimized Simulation Model for the Quantitative
Description of Hydrophobic Hydration
H. Ashbaugh (PDF)
A Mathematical Pathway to Predictive
Calculations of Properties of Materials
D. Bagayoko (PDF)
Temporal Pattern Discovery in High-throughput
Data Domain
S. Dua (PDF)
Thermodynamics Indicate Iron Oxide Clusters'
Reactions with Molecular Precursors are Favorable
R.Hall (PDF)
Copper Oxide-Clusters Model of Persistent Free
Radical Formation: A computational Approach
R. Hall (PDF)
Interdisciplinary Physics/Computer Engineering
Collaboration Speeds Many-Body Codes to
30,000 Processors
M. Jarrell, J. Moreno,
J. Ramanujam
Computer Hard Drives Made with Single-Molecule
Magnets Promise Very High Information Density
V. Kolesnichenko (PDF)
Atomistic Simulations Show Proof of Concept for
a Novel DNA Sequencing Technology
D. Moldovan (PDF)
Scale-Bridging Simulator for Non-Equilibrium
Processes Involving BioMaterials
D. Nikitopoulos (PDF)
Research on Thermoelectric Properties in Doped C60 G. Zhao (PDF)